Eels: Where to start

Mark OE

Eels – formed in 1995 and writing ever since – have massed a sizeable discography over their 22 years. As a result, whilst their collection contains some brilliant tracks, it can be hard to find your way around. Is the band’s work best currently, or was it best back in the late 90’s? Is it worth listening to Eels at all? This post will answer these questions through the medium of a Spotify playlist. Below is a user-made ‘best-of’ for Eels, arguably one of the best bands to form in the 1990’s. Press play, and then have a read of the notes below.

This playlist has been created in chronological order however, i’d recommend you choose to ‘shuffle’ as Eels’ style does tend to differ between albums, and it would be a shame to form a judgement based on just a single album.

You will notice there is a mix of live and studio tracks. This is to highlight that Eels tend to heavily produce their studio albums, and that their live performances can almost seem like an entirely new song.

Finally, there is a single track which features twice on the playlist: ‘My Beloved Monster’. This is for two reasons. Firstly, ‘My Beloved Monster’ is one of Eels’ most popular tracks (assisted by its appearance in Shrek), and secondly, the live track is arguably an improvement on what could already be considered a classic. Note the differences in vocals between the two, and decide which version you prefer.

Eels 2 album

For your pleasure, attached below is a full-length radio set performed by Eels on KCRW. Once you feel you’ve had your fill of the playlist, I recommend watching this. Highlighting the difference between live and studio Eels, but also the wide range of instruments they use in their music, this set is one of the best I’ve watched on the KCRW page.

I hope you enjoy these offerings. If you feel anything his been neglected in this article, post a comment!

Thanks for stopping by.

This post has been written in response to recent communication with an account titled ‘a1000mistakes’. Clicking here will take you to his page, where you will find a selection of music articles, written in a unique style.


6 thoughts on “Eels: Where to start”

  1. OK, on second listen here and now I’m digging them more plus I did enjoy the radio youtube the other night too. I’ve double checked my library and you might like to know I’ve two Eels’ covers Prince’s I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man and Daniel Johnston’s Living Life, it’s not much but you know? I’ve just finished the whole playlist, I didn’t skip anything and have to say they’re very cool!


    1. William I’m so glad to hear I’ve managed to sway your opinion!
      Haven’t heard the Prince song but Living Life is one of my favourites, got me on to Daniel Johnston too!
      What do you think to my comments that Eels could possibly be better live and un-produced in comparison to their studio recordings?
      Also, would you recommend I carry this type of post on as a series? I could post every fortnight maybe and introduce a new band like I have here.

      P.S. meant to comment on your mixtape post again: the Screaming Trees song is brilliant!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey! Yeah, I did enjoy live ones when they popped up and the radio session youtube clip was wicked too.
        Why not, if you a fan of the artist/band and you know the songs well and put together a cool playlist and series I say why not again? I do like bloggers who have sets, it’s always interesting.
        I haven’t yet listen to the SFA yet but will soon! Good to know you enjoy Screaming Trees too!


      2. Great! Yeah KCRW and KEXP do some great sets, I should start posting ones I enjoy!
        Alright, I’ll start doing it regularly! I’ve also got an idea you could possibly help me with. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll give you my email.
        Nice, let me know what you think in the comments once you do. Going to start making a more active effort to listen to your mixes when they come out!

        Liked by 1 person

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