RECOMMENDATIONS – Johnny Flynn: A Larum

Johnny Flynn

Following the release of Johnny Flynn’s newest LP, ‘Sillion’, on the 24th of March, it only made sense to write a recommendation for his best release to date: ‘A Larum’. ‘A Larum‘, released in 2008, came before his recent appearance in the Channel 4 – and then Netflix – sitcom ‘Lovesick’, in which he plays the starring role.

For many years now, Johnny Flynn has held a position of moderate recognition. Previously performing and collaborating with the likes of Laura Marling, and the better known (but not better) band Mumford and Sons, his music career seemed ready to take off at any point, but it may well be his acting career holding this back. Nonetheless, for a man spread so thinly across multiple career directions, the work produced by Flynn is certainly noteworthy.

A Larum is a folk album with hints of country influence, which cautiously toes the line between great folk music, and the overly ‘twee’. Recorded by Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit band, but released under just Flynn’s name, the album’s name comes from the Middle English for ‘alarm’, used in Shakespearean texts to signify a disturbance offstage, a clever name given that the album itself was produced on the side of Johnny Flynn’s acting jobs. Given moderate status by music magazines such as Paste Magazine (37th best album of 2008), A Larum more than deserves the hefty four star review, with the standout track ‘The Wrote  & The Writ’ being one quality track out of many. Other tracks worth listening to are ‘Tickle Me Pink’, Cold Bread’ and ‘Hong Kong Cemetery’.

Artist: Johnny Flynn
Label: Mercury Records
Release date: May 26, 2008
Tracks: 14
Play time: 53 mins
Standout track: The Wrote & The Writ
Rating:  ★★★★☆





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