The Moonlandingz: Interplanetary Class Classics (A short review)


The Moonlandingz began as a fictional band in the minds and music of electronic duo Eccentronic Research Council. They became a real, physical band after the E.C.R. duo teamed up with two members of Fat White Family (and others) to produce what they jokingly call a “Ouija Psych Pop Super group”.

Despite the band hardly being a super group (certainly not on the same status as Traveling Wilburys, anyway), they do have some big names on the credits of their first – and possibly only – LP release, appearing as cameos, or as members of the production team. ‘This Cities Undone’ features Yoko Ono doing her usual: screeching and generally making a lot of noise (as you do if you’re a member of the avant-garde movement). Further, Ono is joined by her son: Sean Lennon. Lennon helped to co-produce this record (with the help of Flaming Lips‘ regular producer Dave Fridmann), after being involved in the production of one of E.C.R.‘s recent albums. Appearances are also made by the Village People’s Randy Jones and the Human League’s Phil Oakey, amongst others.

If there was any more reason needed to listen to this album, beyond it being a great psych-pop album, front-man Lias Saoudi is one of the most entertaining musicians currently on the scene. Beyond his tendency to get topless or completely naked, Saoudi’s performances are high energy and entertaining, and his off-stage appearances match that. On top of that, his rant in 2014 regarding Alex Turner’s controversial acceptance speech at the Brit Awards will make you love him before you even begin on the album (unless you adore Alex Turner):

“I hate that little c**t, he’s a fucking joke. It was the least rock’n’roll thing I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. His speech was horrendously embarrassing. It made me sweat, like when you see something that really makes you cringe. Massive cock. Print that.”

Despite the album having a couple of less than perfect tracks, as well as being disjointed and confused in terms of track order, it is still very good. A four star rating is fair for a band doing something different, and a front-man who is as good as you could hope for. What’s missing though? Man in Me Lyfe from their first EP.

Artist: The Moonlandingz
Label: Transgressive Records
Release date: March 24, 2017
Tracks: 11
Play time: 41 mins
Standout track: The Strangle of Anna (ft. Rebecca Taylor)
Rating: ★★★★☆


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